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This site provides access to all information relating to the Judicial Training Institute i.e. History, Judgements, Learning Materials, Upcoming Events, Code of Conduct , Educational Resources etc...

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To serve as a centre of excellence for the training of the Judiciary, Judicial staff and other stakeholders to achieve a justice system that is credible, impartial, independent, user-friendly and accessible to all.

To design and deliver quality and timely training programmes for the Judiciary, Judicial staff and other stakeholders in order to achieve and support a high standard of professional performance.

The JTI was established on the principle that overall direction and control of Judicial education should be in the hands of the Judiciary. Through the involvement of well-respected Judges in the development and delivery of Judicial education programmes, the JTI both increases the credibility and effectiveness of its programmes and ensures Judicial independence. The JTI fortifies the primacy of peer education in its activities and principles by placing control over the direction, affairs and activities of the Institute with a Board.

The Board's mission is to lead the JTI in the development and delivery of quality Judicial training. Members of the Board are appointed.

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